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SSK Agosta 90B Class

From the Internet DJ takes out a report on SSK Agosta 90B Class attack Submarine

The Agosta 90B, a direct derivative of the Agosta class in service with the French Navy amongst others, features significant improvements in acoustic discretion and detection. Agosta submarines are currently in service with three navies. The Agosta 90B incorporates improvements based on the experience gained by the French Navy. It includes new advances in endurance, acoustic discretion, propulsion and diving capability.

Three Agosta 90Bs have been ordered by the Pakistan Navy. The first, Khalid (S137), is undergoing sea trials. Final assembly of the second and third will take place in Pakistan. The third of class will have the MESMA air independent propulsion system.

Design Principles

The Agosta 90B is designed for the highest possible discretion when subject to the scrutiny of acoustic, optical, electromagnetic and heat sensors. The hydrodynamics of the hull, appendages and propeller have been carefully optimized. The propulsion machinery, diesel engines and auxiliaries are all suspended.

The design concept benefits from experience gained with the sea-proven Agosta particular improvements have been made both with higher performance and a better combat system.

Performance and Propulsion

The Agosta 90B has a number of upgrades in this area improving on the previous Agosta submarine. These include:

+ new battery power for increased range
+ new materials (HLES 80 steel) for deeper diving capa- bility
+ new suspension for quieter running
+ new MESMA air-indepen- dent propulsion (AIP) as an option for higher all-round performance.


+ anti-surface ship warfare
+ anti-submarine warfare
+ intelligence gathering
+ special operations
+ very long range operations.

Powerful Combat System

The fully-integrated Subtics combat system was developed by UDS International, a joint subsidiary of DCN International and Thomson-CSF. This system, for all types of anti-surface and anti-submarine missions, was chosen by Pakistan for its three Agosta 90Bs. It benefits from the experience gained by DCN in functional and physical integration through the AmŽthyste-class SSN and Le Triomphant-class SSBN programmes. The system allows operators to manage the use and operation of all platform resources for underwater and air/surface detection, tactical data processing, navigation, external communications and weapon launching.

The Agosta 90B's fully-integrated combat system enables the commanding officer to quickly evaluate the vessel's tactical situation and decide on an appropriate response

Agosta 90B Weapons Capability

+ four torpedo tubes
+ payload of 16 weapons or 28 mines
+ heavyweight torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.
+ multi-purpose torpedoes (F17 Mod.2)
+ Exocet SM 39 Sub-launched anti-ship missiles

1994: Agosta 90B Submarines for Pakistan

In September 1994, the Pakistan Navy placed an order for three Agosta-class submarines, opting for the 90B enhanced version. The first boat was launched in August 1998 and will be commissioned by mid-1999. As part of the associated technology transfer, the second boat will be assembled in Pakistan from three sections built at Cherbourg and delivered to Karachi in May 1998. The third submarine will be built in Karachi using materials and equipment supplied by DCN.


Length, overall 67.6 m
Draught 5.4 m
Surface 1,510 t
Submerged 1,760 t
Maximum speed > 17 kts
Range 10,000 nm
Autonomy 68 days
Complement 36 + 5
Propulsion MESMA Air-independent propulsion (AIP)
Torpedoes F 17 Mod.2
Missiles Exocet SM 39 Sub-launched anti-ship missiles