On The Death of A Savant
( A Tribute to Late Muzaffar Ali Syed )

Another luminous star
On the intellectual horizon;
A monarch of literary empire
Says adieu forever
Leaving behind many a mourner
Rich in intellect, a literary giant
Muzaffar Ali Syed lies buried
In Lahore, the City of Iqbal
A brilliant Ravian
A passionate student of literature
Exceptionally versed
In Urdu, English and Persian
He stood out in his literary clan
As a scholar and critic
With rare courage and candour
A voracious reader,
A walking almanac, encyclopaedia
A great lexicon
Many a theme, diverse in nature
During his tenure in the PAF
As an officer, par excellence
He was revered alike
Both by the young and old;
A unique teacher
He had no pretensions
About his eminent erudition;
On all and sundry;
Anyone could share
His knowledge, gossip and tea.
The PAF mourns his loss
A colossal void in the literary world
And pays glorious homage
To this towering genius;
He will remain forever
In the hearts of his students
For all his gifts of head and soul
A man on integrity and honour
He could call a spade a spade;
A verse to greet and prominence
He followed like a dervish
Only what his conscience bade
Will Nature bestow on us again?
Another Syed of his grain?
I ponder in hope and daze;
Let us pay him tributes
Befitting his stature;
In the words of Iqbal
Very few like him are born
Once in a millennium.