From: “Subayogan Sinniah” <subayogan@pd.jaring.my>
To: <defjrnl@pathfinder9.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2002 4:50 PM
Subject: Air defence of Pakistan

I refer to the Oct 2002 issue wherein the article by Syed Imran Shah regarding the air defence of Pakistan was neither contemporary nor current. Whilst the overview given by the author was interesting he did not address a critical issue impacting upon Pakistan’s air defence ie the recent induction of the Sukhoi 30’s and the concurrent threats made by the IAF Chief towards Pakistan. It is obvious that India is going to exercise the new capability imparted by the induction of this aircraft in highly provocative actions.
I was unable to see any reference in the article to the real and emerging threat poised by the Su 30’s and the combination poised by this jet together with to be inducted AWACS, Aerial Refuellers and new radar and command centres. Is the PAF able to counter the threat poised? What steps are being taken by Pakistan as it is obvious that new fighter aircraft are unavailable from the West and the Chinese are only able to promise supply of top line aircraft like the J 10 which is still in development in the distant future.
The PDJ ought to state the facts and enable Pakistan and her friends to realize the threat poised by these developments. Articles such as those referred to above do not do justice to Pakistan as they do not draw attention to the actual threats and reference to MiG 29’s etc is old hat as the capability represented by earlier assets is not a true standard of what is now available across the eastern border.

Suba, Malaysia.

From: “Mark Thorpe” <thorpemark@earthlink.net>
To: <defjrnl@pathfinder.com.pk>
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 10:06 AM
Subject: “The Hole in democracy”

Dear Sir,
I came across your publication while searching for information on the China-Eastern Turkistan issue.
I read the piece “The Hole in Democracy” in the October 2002 online issue.
It is correct, of course. I do not know exactly what form of democratic government was in play in post-Great War Germany, but Kaiser Wilhelm still had some power so it was not a true democracy... something which I would not recommend in any case as the naked will of the masses is not exactly a good thing without some limits.
In the United States we have several limits to Democracy.

1) The Law - We bemoan the vast hordes of lawyers and lawsuits in this country... but the law rules here, not the people. The people can make law... but the US Constitution trumps the people laws... so it works out.

2) We elect representatives and our representatives run the Republic. We are a democratic republic... not a pure democracy.
3) This is the sticky part. Arms. The public is armed... with education, freedom, opportunity, the vote...and, as a last resort, firearms.
We could deliver a rifle and ammunition to every adult in America and the government would not be threatened. How many countries can say that?
Can a Hitler happen here? In the United States?
That’s the big question isn’t it?
No, I do not think so.
I suppose the closest we came was during the height of the Cold War when a US Senate Committee was trying to find Communists in positions of power and influence here in the US. During these years we had a general who favoured using nuclear weapons in China, got fired by the president and then lost his run for the highest office. We also saw the man running the search for Communists get exposed as a fraud... and a dangerous one at that.
What stops Hitlers from emerging in the United States?
Something promised in the US Constitution.
The Freedom of the Press.
Thank you for the story.

-Mark Thorpe
-just an average American

From: “David L. Yarkony” <yarkony1@bezeqint.net>
To: “Ikram SEHGAL:>
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 11:27 PM
Subject: Equation between Islam and West must for peace

To the Editor,

I am sorry that only now I am able to refer the article written by Columnist Lt Col (Retd) ZAMAN MALIK — Opinion “Equation between Islam and West must for peace”, printed Defence Journal September 2002 edition.
A rambling presentation based on hate of everything that is Jewish (The People of the Book PBUH), in which the Jews are to be blamed for the sun rising in the west, beginning with the crucification of JC and the Crusaders who were edged on by the Zionist and now the clash of civilizations.
Zionism as you well know — is a political movement established by Theodore Herzel in the second half of the 19th Century.
It seems convenient for Lt Col (Retd) ZAMAN MALIK to forget the Golden Age of Muslims and the Jews living together in North Africa and in Andalusia.

I would like to add to his historical knowledge:
a. The Crusaders in Europe victimized the Jews — on their way to the Holy Land and when they occupied Jerusalem, (nearly) all the Jewish inhabitants were massacred.

b. If we the Jews had so much influence on Christendom, how did the
Jewish persecution occur after the recapture of Andalusia by the Spanish in 1492?


David L. Yarkony

From: <AamirSalaria@aol.com>
To: <defjrnl@pathfinder9.com>
Sent: Thursday, december 05, 2002 7:11 PM
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Once again the war mongers in the guise of the “Biggest democracy in the world” have shown their real colours and intentions publicly. Once again the long cherished wishes, dreams and desires confined to the drawing rooms and private meetings have come to the fore. Once again, the deputy Prime Minister of India has openly challenged the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to be ready for a so-called fourth war with his country.
On behalf of the educated, civilized, caring, peace loving and bridge building people of this globe, I would remind L. K. Advani and his junta that the real force, power and strength of a “True and Dedicated Leadership” is not measured by its ability to wage wars but to prevent them by every possible means and deeds.
The ruling class in India might be willing, able and eager to impose yet another war on its small western neighbour which might result in loss of millions of lives on both sides of the border including massive damage to the basic infrastructure. They might follow the path and direction of their predecessors but we shall strive hard, using all possible resources and means available to counter and nullify this looming war in the name of life, peace, harmony and prosperity of the human race.
It is high time that the Indian electorate should wake up and throw out of office these so-called Leaders of Hate, Prejudice and bias by using their power of vote and realize their responsibility. They should be able to understand that the onus of their miseries, pains, hunger, poverty and sickness lies on the shoulders of leaders like them. They should show the courage, guts and the grit to take the responsibility of what is going on in their own territory, occupied or otherwise, rather than blaming it for anything and everything on its eight times smaller neighbour.
Let there be peace and no wars please in this beautiful planet of Earth. Enough is enough.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Engr. Aamir A. Salaria,
14 Vanessa Drive,
St. Louis, Missouri 63131.
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