Contents - July 2003

  • The house Bush is building
  • LFO – Overcoming a political deadlock
  • Weapons for Mass Deception
  • Gulf Wars – Comedy of Errors
  • Air Defence of Pakistan
  • An uncertain approach to imperialism

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The house Bush is building

There is an intense debate going on among western intellectuals over categorisation and naming of the phenomenon that is expected to emerge from the endeavours of Mr. George W. Bush and his neo-conservative colleagues. Sophisticated points are being made and some have warned that the term neo-Imperialism should not be bandied about carelessly — else the thing actually becomes neo-Imperialism...more

LFO-Overcoming a political deadlock
“Believe you me” democracy is on track. This can be seen and evaluated in light of the recent political events taking place. That is (I) The rumpus in parliament over the LFO, which is posing a threat to the system. The opposition had initiated the ‘go Musharraf go’ slogan along with vociferent protest within context to the Legal Framework Order. (II) In a follow up there was the incident of a politically uneasy situation at the Punjab Assembly ...more

Weapons for Mass Deception

Jinnah Movie

The White House may have had a reason to go to war with Iraq that had nothing to do with whether or not Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
They told us that Osama bin Laden is "the biggest danger on earth" and they wanted him "dead or alive". They bombed the whole country but couldn't get him. So now they tell us that it doesn't matter. Our mission is greater than one man...more

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