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Contents - October 2003

Lt Gen Imtiaz Waraich
The man was a Giant
[saeed walah]

On this world-stage few people play their role in a manner that they earn the admiration and loyalty of friends and appreciation and respect of adversaries. General (Retd) Imtiaz Waraich was definitely one of those who knew how to earn respect, lead his troops and look after his family and friends. He died at the age of 68 in the Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi on 7th July after prolonged fight with cancer. Next day he was buried in the bosom of the graveyard of Defence Housing Society Lahore with hearts full of sorrow and eyes full of tears. Nimaze-Janaza was offered at 6.00 pm as scheduled. The family wanted it exactly on time because the deceased took pride all his life in his punctuality. He was an honourable man, dedicated soldier, decorated officer, committed patriot, inspiring leader, empathetic commander, pleasant company, dependable colleague, caring husband, loving father, loyal brother, affectionate elder and a conscientious citizen. In all of these roles, in Thomas Jefferson's words, in matter of style he would swim with the current but in matter of principal he would always stand like a rock.

Son of a tehsildar, he was born in 1936 in Faisalabad. He used to take pride in the fact that his father was appointed company commander at the age of 18 of the newly raised Waraich Company that British formed during the First World War. His father was there to motivate soldiers and was allowed to return when the company reached its destination. Imtiaz Waraich was studying in Government College Lahore in FSC in 1952 when he was selected for the army. If his inspiration for joining the army was his uncle Lt. Col. Bashir Waraich, his motivation for becoming an ideal soldier was his Platoon Commander the then Capt Riazul Haq (later Brig). He fought 1965 and 1971 Wars and remained a POW after the fall of Dhaka. According to General (Retd) Iqbal (former Governor Punjab), “he was one of those very few officers who kept their integrity and balance of mind during and after the long captivity and rose in their careers”....more
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Doctrinal re-awakening of the Indian Armed Forces
analysis of the immense change in Indian military thinking.

Factors precipitating doctrinal rethinking
Indian and Pakistani military doctrines have had a distinctive defensive undertone ever since the two countries gained independence from the British in 1947. Notwithstanding the three wars and several 'near' wars that these two countries have engaged in over the period of their existence as independent nations, no significant shift in their respective military and war-fighting doctrines has come about.

Lately, however, some events that have taken place in the region and also elsewhere that have highlighted to both the countries that their existing doctrines need to be modified in order to cater for the altered situation and the emerging scenario.

Events precipitating doctrinal rethinking

  • Regional events. Some of the regional events that have triggered this review of military doctrines are:
  • The nuclearisation of the sub-continent and its impact on the nature of war in the region and the roles of the three military services; Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • Lessons of the 1999 Kargil crisis and the possibility of waging a limited conventional warfare under a nuclear umbrella.
  • The 2001/2002 period of massive military mobilisation and forward military posturing identified and referred to by the Indians as 'Operation Parakaram'.
  • Global events. At the global level, the following events that have occurred have also impacted doctrinal thinking in the South Asian militaries:
  • The post-9/11 events and America's War on Terror, manifested in her invasion, initially of Afghanistan and later of Iraq.....more

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India's massive military budget
the massive increase in Indian defence spending.

These are days in which many nations are reducing their military strength and their defence expenditure, and the developing countries are being exhorted to give greater attention to alleviation of the pervasive poverty in their regions.

But the Indian budget presented by finance minister Paliappan Chidambaram on July 8 in the Lok Sabha enhanced the military spending substantially. The Congress-led coalition which came into office following its victory in the May general elections has increased the defence expenditure by 23 per cent over last year's outlay of Rs. 603 billion which took the country and the world by surprise. The finance minister says that most of the increase in the defence budget was the outcome of the sharp rise in capital spending in the defence sector, which rose from Rs. 209.53 billion last year to Rs. 334 billion this year....more

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