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From: Ayaz Ahmed Khan Air Marshal (Retd)
To: “Defence Journal” <defjrnl@pathfinder9.com>

Dear Mr. Sehgal

I opened the Defence Journal on the internet recently, and was shocked to read about the untimely demise of Colonel Nusrat Ullah. He was your life long friend and a trusted companion for forty years, and I pray to God to give you the courage to bear this loss with fortitude.

His death has left a void, which will be difficult to bridge. Nusrat Ullah was a person of great qualities. His unblemished character, his cool and composure under stress, his courage and his advice were assets that you had valued all your life. He was a gentleman and a perfect military officer, worthy of respect.....more

From: Hakeem Arshid Qureshi Maj Gen (Retd)
To: “Defence Journal” <defjrnl@pathfinder9.com>
Subject: A Tribute to the Memory of a Friend

Dear Mr. Sehgal

The evil that men do lives
after them;
The good is oft interned
with their bones;

So let it be with NUs
(Colonel Nusrat Ullah Sheikh)

But Nusrat has left behind a legacy of compassion, tolerance, and benevolence only. Over the years, during my association with him, I had learnt to respect his views on life, which gave preference to mind over matter. A multidimensional personality he could be compassionate and demanding at one and the same time. While he would exercise the authority vested in him sparingly and in a benevolent fashion, he was intolerant of any injustice perpetrated on the defenceless. Despite being a ‘Thakur’, he had the heart and soul of a Soofi. Firm under pressure, he had a very special sense of humour. Never unhappy with his situation, his face was perpetually lit up by an inner glow....more

From: Mrs Zahida Nusrat Ullah and family
To: “Defence Journal” <defjrnl@pathfinder9.com>

Dear Ikram ul-Majeed Sehgal

We wish to thank the Pathfinder Group, the SMS and especially Mr Ikram Sehgal for the tremendous help extended to us in every way, in this hour of grief....more

From: Col (R) Masood Anwar
To: “Defence Journal” <defjrnl@pathfinder9.com>
Subject: External and Internal Logic

Dear Sir,
We are a product of logic yet we remain in conflict with logic. This is truly comical. Needless to say, it is less important to be logical as is to follow a logical path because simple logic can be established on a single point of argument but to follow a logical approach over an extended period of time one has to be progressively logical on a series of continuing arguments and indeed this requires vision, wit, pre-emption and perception. The right approach perhaps would be to follow a logical path without essentially being logical provided one is presentably reasonable.

In practice external and internal logic work in close proximity and greatly influence each other. Individually external logic deals with ideas, which sound illogical in the beginning but with the passage of time reconstruction of words and phrases make them agreeable. Internal logic in its place deals with people from different walks of life, who are logical but unreasonable. What matters to them is interest, and to add to the difficulties, their interests and logic run at tangent....more

From: Brian Cloughley
To: “Defence Journal” <defjrnl@pathfinder9.com>
Subject: ‘A History of Pakistan Army’

Dear Ikram ul-Majeed Sehgal

My book ‘A History of the Pakistan Army’ is out of print and out of date, and I am rewriting it for publication by Oxford University Press in a third edition in mid-2005.

Over the years, many people have been kind enough to write to me indicating errors of facts in the book, and....more

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