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Don’t Underestimate
the Empire

Till the PML (N) Ministers walked out of the Federal Cabinet, Pakistan was a State in paralysis. Ineffective governance in the face of looming crisis is criminal neglect, mass perception takes it to be worse. The attempt at national reconciliation by Asif Zardari had given PML (N) political indispensability far exceeding their second place status in the national electoral polls. While leaning over backwards for compromise and cooperation with the largest party in the Punjab is certainly required, in the hard world of politics display of goodwill is taken to be weakness, the PML (N) treated it as such.....more

The Runaway Bride

When marriages are not made in Heaven, the Heavens do not fall when they come apart. A tremendous setback for the process of national reconciliation notwithstanding, when one of the major partners in the Coalition (the “odd couple”) walked out on May 12, what to talk about the Heavens even the Coalition did not fall, and is not likely to. One must concede that the PML (N) tried its best to compromise, it had boxed itself into such a situation politically about the restoration of the Nov 3 judiciary, it’s credibility among the electorate would have been seriously impaired if it had stayed in the Federal Cabinet. “Restoration of judiciary” is extremely important but certainly not more important than “Roti, Bijli aur Paani”, presently a desperate necessity for a vast majority of the populace. ......more

Standing Firm with China

The manner in which events have unfolded recently in Tibet suggests that this was no happenstance; there was method in the madness as properties of the Han Chinese were singled out for destruction. By March 14, large scale attacks on non-Tibetan ethnic groups unleashed a pillage of rioting, looting and burning. James Miles of “The Economist” who returned from Tibet confirmed that this was pre-planned and orchestrated, to quote his interview with CNN, “What I saw was calculated targetted violence against an ethic group, or I should say two ethnic groups, primarily ethnic Han Chinese in Lhasa, but also members of the Muslim Hui minority in Lhasa.” Any doubts about the unrest being anything other than organized activity were put to rest by the calculated manner many Chinese Embassies and Consulates were attacked by ‘Tibetan’ protestors in several countries almost simultaneously.......more

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