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Pakistan Army
Saga of Valour & Service to the Nation

Columnist Gp Capt (Retd) SM HALI eulogizes the Pakistan Armyeulogizes
the Pakistan Army.

The story of the evolution of the Armed Forces of Pakistan is the story of the birth of Pakistan itself against heavy odds. The army was pressed into action directly at the time of our independence.  Pakistan’s armed forces, though they present a formidable strength today, made a humble beginning, virtually starting from scratch. Post partition, the military assets of British India was unjustly divided in a ratio of 64: 36% between India and Pakistan. Unfortunately, Indian spitefulness resulted in Pakistan receiving only a fraction of its original share and that too in a dilapidated state.......more

Pakistan at the Cross Roads
of Development

Recommendations for a better Strategic Thought
Columnist TAUQEER H. TAKI SIRGANA makes a case for refinement of strategic thought to bring dividends for Pakistan - and makes some recommendations.

The framework of the strategic thought1 determines its strength and success, which lays the foundation for strategic thought and synergizes its various elements. Whereas, strategic thought is the overarching national vision giving direction to achieving national objectives in the changing world order and international environment, the framework determines main elements which are hampering a nation’s growth. Therefore, a conceptual framework is of utmost importance. It ensures that various factors viz domestic, regional and global with diverse effects are interwoven and harmonized, so that the desired movement of strategic thought is achieved. There is yet another caveat that despite complexity of the variables, the framework has to be simple and it should synergize the various facets to produce the desired results. The richness and strength of the strategic thought lays in being comprehensible and unanimous ownership by all stakeholders, especially the masses of the nation state apart from ease of its execution........more

President buckles under
Powerful Political Punch
Columnist Dr. S.M. RAHMAN contends that in a real democracy there should be no tyranny of the majority.

The relinquishing of power by General ® Pervez Musharraf seemingly appeared a remote possibility as the commando in him had created the myth of invincibility and a resolute ‘Will’ to defeat the impeachment and face all the charges and allegations to be made in the Parliament, as ‘concocted’ attempts to malign him and tarnish his image. Far from being guilty of hundred and so charges framed, he was “innocent” to the core, dry-cleaned and of spotless disposition. His stubbornness to remain glued to power was therefore a typical manifestation of belief-system that insulates a dictator from the constraints of reality. He lives under a self-sealing system in which he sees himself doing no evil and committing no ‘wrong’. All his deeds, essentially ‘misdeeds’, are in the supreme interest of the country. Therefore, all his crimes mostly expressive of greed and rapacity and lust to perpetuate himself as the wielder of absolute authority are camouflaged under the oft repeated epithet ad nauseam - “country first”.........more

The Logic of Suicide
Mission Phenomenon

Columnist Dr. QADAR BAKSH BALOCH analyzes the dynamics of Suicide Bombings and says that Islamic fundamentalism is not as closely associated with suicide terrorism as many believe.

Suicide mission or suicide attacki is an “operational method in which the very act of the attack is dependent upon the death of the perpetrator”.ii Suicide attacks have clearly become the most dangerous modus operandi of modern insurgencies, and in a sense, the suicide attack is the insurgents “smart bomb”. It is a reaction against brutal occupation and exploitation. The suicide attacker is no more than a platform that carries the explosive charge to its target. However, this platform can think and, therefore, see to it that the explosive charge is detonated at the optimal location and timing so as to create maximum carnage and destruction.iii It is a rare phenomenon of the 1980siv that has become widespread during the last two decades and acquired a new dimension and impetus in the 21st century. Since 9/11 it has come to be known as the ‘power of the powerless and powerlessness of the powerful’v. Suicide missions differ from other insurgents or freedom fighter’s tactics in that the success of a suicide mission solely hinges upon the death of the attackers who willingly die to kill or die to win. The suicide attacks are no more aliens, rather these attacks have come to be widely accepted, and even supported by the masses, especially in some of the world’s conflict zones crying under foreign occupation.......more

The Youngest Commander in Chief in Military History
Mohammad BinQasim

Columnist M A GILLANI writes about the memorable expeditions of Muhammad Bin Qasim, the conqueror of Sind.

A lot has been written about the conquests, the bravery and qualities of MOHAMMAD BIN QASIM’s leadership by many writers. The name of MOHAMMAD BIN QASIM is known in every Muslim house in the INDO-PAKISTAN Subcontinent. In the military history of the world he is the youngest Commander-in-Chief who won brilliant victories against much superior enemies. Here it should be mentioned that ALEXANDER THE GREAT, Sultan MOHAMMAD the conqueror (CONSTANTINOPLE fame) and NAPOLEON were 24 years, 23 years and 26 years old respectively when they had commanded armies in battle. MOHAMMAD BIN QASIM was only 18 years old when entrusted with an independent command of the forces for operating against SIND.......more

An Honest President, Please!
Columnist ADNAN GILL questions the candidature of Mr. Asif Zardari as the next President of Pakistan.

Pakistan deserves a non-partisan, honest, nay a president of impeccable reputation. Not the one who came to fame through the tales of corruption; not the one whom more people recognize as “Mr. Ten Percent” than by his real name; not the one who is thought to have his brother-in-law assassinated; not the one who had been convicted for money laundering; not the one who Transparency International used as a case study for corruption; not the one who is said to have doctored his wife’s living will; not the one with psychiatric issues; not the one who breaks signed contracts; and certainly not the one who makes unconstitutional deals with dictators. In case anyone is wondering, the above traits are generally associated with the PPP co-chairperson, Asif Ali Zardari. He may be the most honest person on the face of Earth. He may be unjustifiably maligned by his alleged enemies, but the bitter reality is, the general perception among the Pakistanis remains that he is a man of questionable character at best......more

Prophet Muhammad
(Peace be upon him) - A Glimpse

Columnist Brig (Retd) AFTAB AHMAD KHAN ) summarizes the life and achievements of the last Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Guidance is an important constituent of the process of creation, trial, justice and reward. God guides humanity through different means. Firstly, much earlier than the creation of humanity, God first created all the spirits of humanity which testified Him to be their Lord, this was the 1st Covenant, then they were put to sleep. He brings humankind into this world in succession, each at an appointed time, spirit is breathed in to him, true nature (hanefa fitr’ah) part of human conscious (the 1st Covenant) is part of human consciousness. This is the reason that even some African tribes cut off from the civilized world worship One God without images. However majority of humans, under the influence of Satan, are caught in the webs of customs, superstitions, selfish desires, and false teachings thus getting deflected from the true nature. Man is endowed with instincts, forms and faculties exactly suited to what is expected of him. Through these faculties and instincts man can know about the existence of God by observing His signs, thus reverting to the true nature. Finally, He gives guidance through His messengers and scriptures so that the people should have no excuse to plead against Allah for lack of guidance. The messengers convey the message and people are not coerced, they use their intellect for reason and exercise their will such that may reach the higher destiny of man. Finally, there is reward for those who make the right choice and punishment for those who fall pray to evil.........more

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