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Contents - October 2003

The Policy Role of
the United States
in South Asia:

Constraints & Opportunities for Pakistan
Columnist TAUQEER H. TAKI SIRGANA analyzes the foreign policy objectives
of the US in South Asia and its impact on Pakistan.

The ongoing strategic review in U.S. foreign policy objectives has recently unveiled a new US policy for Pakistan, and Afghanistan to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat the Al-Qaeda. This confused and ambiguous strategic thought based on usually failed intelligence further states that the Al-Qaeda is actively planning attacks on US from safe havens in Pakistan. Unfolding a new US strategy to defeat Taliban and Al-Qaeda, US President Obama said that Pakistan must be ‘stronger partner’ in destroying Al-Qaeda safe havens. In this connection, he said Pakistan would be provided financial assistance of 1.5 billion dollars each year for the next five years. Will it work or not? Is Obama trying to meet with increasing challenges of terrorism or is he promoting the very best interests of U.S. in the region? Both questions are not time-tested as today political means have nothing to do with statements or actions. What is important to understand about the U.S. interests in the region is their history. .......more

A New Dawn

Columnist Gp Capt SM HALI (Retd) reviews the new book of pictorial
history on the PAF.

The title of the article would imply that I was alluding to the emancipation of Pakistan’s judiciary and the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan and other deposed judges; however, the reference is to PAF’s new book with the same title. ‘The Pakistan Air Force 1998-2008: A New Dawn’ was launched by the outgoing Air Chief, Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Tanvir Mahmood Ahmad a day before the handed the mantle of PAF’s command to his successor Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman. ‘A new dawn’ is the fifth in the series of books on PAF history, the first being ‘History of the Pakistan Air Force 1947-1982’ by Syed Shabbir Husain and Squadron Leader M. Tariq Qureshi. It was followed by ‘Battle for Pakistan’ by John Fricker, essentially an account of the 1965 Pak-India War. Not satisfied with the 1947-1982 history, which was compiled in the era of ACM Anwar Shamim, a new account was commissioned by ACM Jamal A Khan. Thus ‘The Story of the Pakistan Air Force’ was compiled by Air Commodore M Zafar Masood, euphemistically known as “Mitty Masood”, covering the era 1947-1988. ACM PQ Mehdi asked Air Marshal Rashid Sheikh to compile ‘The Story of The Pakistan Air Force 1988-1998’, which was launched in 2000..........more

ECO: Prospects andConstraints
Columnist MEHMOOD-UL-HASSAN KHAN reviews the recently concluded
ECO Summit in Tehran.

We The 10th summit meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) was held in Tehran on March 11 wherein the need to establish a free trade area in ECO region by 2015 was stressed upon. According to the ECO’s trade agreement all the member countries should lower trade duties to 15% on 80% of goods traded within eight years. ECO is an international organization composed of 10 countries namely, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan................more

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