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Contents - October 2003

The Role of Indian Military
in South Asian Democracies

Columnist TAUQEER H. TAKI SIRGANA argues that democracy in India
is just a facade.

From the last many decades the world of academics is encountering new aspects of South Asian politics where the stage of Indian military involvement in internal affairs of South Asian states is becoming more visible, which has its dimensions ranging from politics to economic manipulations particularly backed with strategic vision under the concept of ‘Shining India’. What is the reality behind such an impressive political exploitation from a state which calls itself a democratic and secular state in the international affairs of world politics? Is that the new dual face of emerging democracies? Or is it simply the inevitable strategic requirements are pushing states to opt for dual policies like India? One can argue that the Indian strategic vision which is cleverly camouflaged under the democratic slogan is more inspired by the United States of America. Why? The answer is obvious and simple to me and that points to the ongoing policies of the U.S.A in Iraq and Afghanistan being a champion of democracy.......more

Swat: A Crisis and
an Opportunity

Air Vice Marshal FAAIZ AMIR (Retd) asserts that the ongoing crisis offers an opportunity to restore people’s confidence in the state and to integrate these regions in the mainstream.

Once again the people of Pakistan have responded like a nation. From Karachi to Lahore and Khyber, they have come together to help their kin in distress in Swat. So have the politicians and the Government. The military has resumed the responsibility to restore the much needed sense of security. The media, though acting under restraint, has demonstrated maturity and responsibility. In times of extreme distress these are extremely positive indicators on which the state needs to build on..........more

North Korea
Nuclear Test

Columnist MEHMOOD-UL-HASSAN KHAN believes the key for a solution to
North Korea's nuclear program lies with China, and to an extent with Russia.

North Korea once again stunned the world by testing another nuclear device on May 25. Afterwards, firing of missiles also shocked the world community. The Russian military and South’s Defense Ministry estimated North Korea’s nuclear blast yielded 20 kilotons, or roughly the same as the American atomic bomb that destroyed the Japanese city of Nagasaki at the end of World War II in 1945. The U.S. Geological Survey said it had detected a 4.7-magnitude quake in an area close to where the test site is thought to be. It was the second test in the last two years. North Korea has again reaffirmed its global defiance................more

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