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Contents - October 2003

Pak-China Extended Cooperation
Columnist MEHMOOD-UL-HASSAN KHAN looks at the positive aspects of the growing collaboration with China.

President Asif Ali Zardari recently paid his fourth visit to China within one year of assuming office of the President of Pakistan. This time President Asif Zardari visited Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces of China’s east coast - both these provinces operate large amount of trade with us. President Zardari said that in future Pakistan would be a leading route for world trade and he would like China to take full benefit of his country’s geographical location.

During his visit President Zardari convinced Chinese high officials to extend further energy cooperation between the two countries. Pakistan badly needs to overcome its ongoing severe energy crisis through a long-term up-gradation and diversification of the available power resources. Over eight MoUs in the field of cooperation in education, fisheries, agriculture, hydro dams, and investment were signed during this visit.......more

Foreign Policy – Diplomacy
or Submission
Columnist Dr QADAR BAKHSH BALOCH takes a quizzical look at Pakistan's Foreign Policy and wonders where we are headed.

Ever since the globalization of the world, diplomacy has gained more prominence. It is an art of dealing with other nations in such a way that while strictly maintaining one’s own national interests, a nation does not impinge on the national interests of other nations. Every act of diplomacy has a quid pro quo. Nations mindful of their sovereignty do not barter their national interests for short-term petty gains. The quid pro quo so sought must be in consonance with long term gains. This requires vision and foresight. What may appear to be a gain may be a great loss in the longer run and vice versa. The examples of complete tilt towards United States during the Cold War era, and subsequent alliance with her during the so-called Afghan Jehad and later in the War against Terror are glaring examples of myopic vision and lack of foresight. Our leaders in succession failed to realize the concomitant blunders of restricting our alliance to only one camp thereby ignoring the age old maxim of not putting all eggs in one basket. By constantly treading on a single track, we defied the basic principle of keeping our relations diversified. We thus closed on us all options of maintaining cordial relations with USSR and the West..........more

Blocking path
to democracy inPakistan

Columnist MUZAFFAR K. AWAN dwells upon factors that have not allowed democracy to flourish in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, we have been dealing with the result of a martial culture. Without making changes to military mindset, we will not be able to lift the barriers that have been blocking the progress of democracy in Pakistan. Asserting that the greatest gift a military can give to the people of Pakistan is for the people to rule themselves and for military to making a permanent pledge to not ever involving in politics again. Men like Washington and Lincoln, who formed one of the great democracies of the world, were themselves of military-backgrounds, but they are remembered to this day for the modern societies and democracies they helped form. While Pakistan was founded on the principles of democracy, that democracy is in fact trampled underfoot every day even now. No nation in the world ever has been able to achieve true civilization under a military tutelage..................more

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