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Pak-China Extended Cooperation
Columnist MEHMOOD-UL-HASSAN KHAN looks at the positive aspects of the growing collaboration with China.

President Asif Ali Zardari recently paid his fourth visit to China within one year of assuming office of the President of Pakistan. This time President Asif Zardari visited Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces of China’s east coast - both these provinces operate large amount of trade with us. President Zardari said that in future Pakistan would be a leading route for world trade and he would like China to take full benefit of his country’s geographical location.........more

Foreign Policy – Diplomacy
or Submission
Columnist Dr QADAR BAKHSH BALOCH takes a quizzical look at Pakistan's Foreign Policy and wonders where we are headed.

Ever since the globalization of the world, diplomacy has gained more prominence. It is an art of dealing with other nations in such a way that while strictly maintaining one’s own national interests, a nation does not impinge on the national interests of other nations. Every act of diplomacy has a quid pro quo. Nations mindful of their sovereignty do not barter their national interests for short-term petty gains. The quid pro quo so sought must be in consonance with long term gains. This requires vision and foresight. What may appear to be a gain may be a great loss in the longer run and vice versa. The examples of complete tilt towards United States during the Cold War era, and subsequent alliance with her during the so-called Afghan Jehad and later in the War against Terror are glaring examples of myopic vision and lack of foresight. Our leaders in succession failed to realize the concomitant blunders of restricting our alliance to only one camp thereby ignoring the age old maxim of not putting all eggs in one basket..........more

Blocking path to democracy in Pakistan
Columnist MUZAFFAR K. AWAN dwells upon factors that have not allowed democracy to flourish in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, we have been dealing with the result of a martial culture. Without making changes to military mindset, we will not be able to lift the barriers that have been blocking the progress of democracy in Pakistan. Asserting that the greatest gift a military can give to the people of Pakistan is for the people to rule themselves and for military to making a permanent pledge to not ever involving in politics again. Men like Washington and Lincoln, who formed one of the great democracies of the world, were themselves of military-backgrounds, but they are remembered to this day for the modern societies and democracies they helped form. While Pakistan was founded on the principles of democracy, that democracy is in fact trampled underfoot every day even now. No nation in the world ever has been able to achieve true civilization under a military tutelage.........more

Protection of Minorities,
a Religious Obligation of Muslims

Columnist Brig (Retd) AFTAB AHMAD KHAN emphasizes upon the principle of Islam that every religion which has belief in God as its focal point must be accorded full respect.

.. Nearest in affection to the believers (Muslims) are those who say: “We are Christians…” (Qur’an 5:82).
“It was not until the Western nations broke away from their religious law that they became more tolerant, and it was only when the Muslims fell away from their religious law that they declined in tolerance”. [Pickthall]

Recently there has been a surge in violence against Christians, the biggest minority of Pakistan, on allegations of blasphemy, a heinous crime by law. Mob justice is against civilized conduct and behaviour and is strongly condemned in Islam and society. Any incidence of blasphemy has to be taken care of by the law and no individual or group can take the law in own hand to dispense wild injustice. The accused has to be given a fair chance to defend himself in the court of law. If proven culpable, justice will prevail to punish the guilty according to law.........more

The Repositioning of
the Conflict Resolution
in South Asia
Columnist TAUQEER H. TAKI SIRGANA calls for conflict resolution measures between Pakistan and India that is the key for peace and progress

The growing international concerns and changing dimensions in terms of global strategic interests are introducing in the region of South Asia an epicenter of the great games, where the political situation of bordering states like Afghanistan are making the available options less opportunistic for Pakistan to decide where to go and whom to support. Unwillingly or unfortunately after the incident of 9/11 the world politics looked towards Pakistan as a coin of long life without knowing the reservations of its democratic society against war on terror. Under the leadership of a democratic President the United States of America pushed a dictator in Pakistan to legitimize an ambiguous war. It was not easy for Pakistan to jump into this hell but the presence of president Musharraf made it easy for the US to achieve its objectives. It was a step which affected Pakistan’s well-articulated and well-managed policy in the region, particularly for India and Afghanistan. Pakistan’s acceptance and support of the US led war on terror placed a full stop for our future options and opportunities which eventually opened new avenues for India, a state on the waiting list.

A Comparative Study of Israel and Iran Defense Capabilities
Dr ZAHID ALI KHAN and Dr JAHANGIR KHAN ACHAKZAI analyze and compare the defence capabilities of Iran and Israel.

Over the years Israel with the active cooperation of USA has pursued an advanced and sophisticated nuclear and missile technology in order to establish her long standing objectives in Middle East. Israel has a strong commitment to preserve its nuclear hegemony and monopoly by preventing other States in the region from acquiring nuclear and missile capabilities. Israel’s stance regarding nuclear and missile capabilities has been that they were developed for deterrent purposes to ensure the survival of the small States and they are the weapons of last sort. Israel is the fifth largest nuclear power of the West and has strong stockpiles of war-heads, a sophisticated air delivery system, cruise missiles, an advanced ballistic missile program; submarine-launched nuclear capability, and anti-ballistic missile system. The development of Iran’s (Israel’s bitter foe in the region) nuclear program and the deployment of its sophisticated missile system, especially, Nodong, became the main concern of Israel since 9/11. For this purpose, she is trying her best to sabotage and suppress Iranian nuclear ambition—— as a main bulwark to its geo-political interest in the region......more

Innovative Entrepreneurship
Columnist Dr MUSARRAT JABEEN emphasizes that contemporary challenges
of globalization and complexity can be faced by innovating knowledge based enterprise.

Innovation represents a series of scientific, technical, organizational, financial and business activities. An innovative entrepreneur aims to develop a new or a marked improved commodity or service and he creates value by offering a product or service by carving out a niche in the market that may not exist currently. Entrepreneur is a personality who is willing to take upon himself / herself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome. The significance of Innovative Entrepreneurship is anti-parochialism as innovation deals with wider concerns. It is trans-organizational and friendly to manage complexity. Non-profit organizations can effectively use innovation and entrepreneurship as a way to improve their effectiveness in meeting their mission and goals. The first ever Alumni organization of International Relations Department, University of Balochistan is the basis of this paper. The specific argument of the paper is to face contemporary challenges of globalization and complexity by innovating knowledge based enterprise. The paper presents 3-D strategy for innovative entrepreneurship by applying generative approach........more

The Ark of Noah (Noon – Noh)
Columnist M A GILLANI takes guidance from the Holy Quran to unveil the mystery over the final resting place of NOAH's ARK.

NOAH was the first prophet after ADAM. According to the Holy Quran “O NOAH, (NOOH-NOH) you are the first Rasool appointed on earth.”
NOAH’s mission is referred to in many Suras. He is mentioned 43 times (Sura Ayub) but to the same purpose. He was sent to his people to tell them to worship ALLAH but despite his continuous preaching and warnings, the people refused to accept ALLAH as the mightiest. On the command of ALLAH, Prophet NOAH warned his people about ALLAH’s chastisement if they failed to worship Him who had created the earth, the moon, the sun, springs, mountains and the skies for the mankind. ALLAH, through Prophet NOAH also conveyed to the people the punishment that would be awarded to those who refused to follow the righteous path. But the people refused to accept all warnings and continued worshipping their pagan gods. Not content, they also created impediments in NOAH’s preaching and taunted him. They said “O, NOAH thou has disputed with us and hast thou prolonged the dispute with us, now bring upon us what thou speakest the trust.” NOAH said, “Truly ALLAH will bring it to you if He wills and then ye will not be able to frustrate it.”.....more

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