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A Dangling Strategy Review!
Air Cdre (Retd) KHALID IQBAL believes Pakistan should conduct its own review of the Afghan policy and distance itself from the US on points where it does not have convergence of interests.

The NATO nations and their coalition allies agreed to the December 2014 date for ending military mission in Afghanistan, during the alliance’s summit in Lisbon, held during the last month. Summit had laid down the broader frame work for ending the war. Hence, Presidential review was little more than a formality, just tweaking the strategy around the margins, filling flesh into the skeleton etc. The review comes at a time when civilian casualties are at their highest since 2001. This year has been the bloodiest for foreign troops, the US taking the brunt of casualties..........more

The Strategic Relationship
and Dialogues between Pakistan and the United States


The importance and future of Afghanistan for the US strategic and economic forces has shaped the ongoing strategic dialogues. Whereas, strategic and economic forces in Pakistan are busy in negotiating their interest with the US officials to achieve not only the economic prosperity that has been affected by playing a frontline state role for the ongoing war on terror but also a strategic loss that US and NATO interference has provided to Pakistan by supporting unfriendly forces in Afghanistan. The clash of interests and priorities between US and Pakistan will remain a bone of contention in the success of ongoing strategic dialogues which is in fact a bridge and an effort to define the future of Afghanistan. What kinds of clash and priority interests are on the table of both sides? Interestingly the interests are the same with different orientations. For example, it seems clear with the tone and strategic attitude of the US that their priority goal is to promote India and to counter China’s interest in Afghanistan, which is not in the list of Pakistan’s strategic thought..........more

International Defence Exhibition and Conference
Idex 2011

Columnist MEHMOOD-UL-HASSAN KHAN highlights the success of IDEX 2011 in the UAE that has placed this country firmly on the armaments industry map.

It is one of the important lessons of all the splendid ancient dynasties and modern day wars for power pursuits that self defence is the best defence and relies on indigenous armaments industry always guarantees safety of the national strategic assets and protects the desired goals of foreign policy and socio-economic plans. It is also one of the key philosophies and curial factors of colonialism, communism, social democracy, imperialism or free market arena that weakness always tends to encourage aggression, subjugation, socio-economic embargos and above all political isolation. So a strong deterrence has become the symbol of survival in the hot pursuits of power, domination and possession in power struggle of today complicated world..........more

The Real Face of Dimona

Dimona nuclear reactor is purely a military facility situated in Negev desert near Dimona city of Israel and has covert nuclear program. In 1950s Israeli government received strategic and financial assistance from the U.S and France for the construction of this nuclear reactor. It is believed that this nuclear facilty has around 300 nuclear warheads. It is impossible to disconect Mordechai Vanunu and Malick case from Dimona nuclear reactor where both persons became victims of human rights violations and seeking justice. Therefore, the paper examines the factors behind the construction of Dimona nuclear reactor and how Israeli authorities victimized nuclear scientists as a security measure, who were working in this nuclear reactor. In this way, the cases of Vanunu and Malick are deliberate pictures of Israeli violations of human rights...........more

Can Obama rise to the occasion
Columnist Brig (Retd) INAM UL HAQ

Afghanistan is becoming another Vietnam for America. Since October10, 2001, the ravaged country, for consecutive nine years, has sucked the American and NATO troops and phenomenal resources, through consistently insane diplomacy. The resistance forces have not only succeeded in holding the aggressors, but have rather pushed them back on their heels. Seeing the momentum, the Taliban have gained over the years and the below par performance displayed by the NATO and American military command on ground (in the absence of a cause), it seems obvious that the initiative in the field has gone into the hands of the resistance forces. An unbiased audit of nine years war of occupation presents a balance sheet marred with extremely poor governance hampered by corruption, rising drug trade and demoralized, under-strength Afghan security forces lacking the desired will and motivation to fight on one side; and the courage, grit and perseverance displayed by Taliban on the other side..........more

Valorous Journey of 150 Years (Dosolah – 14 Punjab)

Columnist M A GILLANI recounts some memorable events from the regimental history of 14 PUNJAB (DOSOLAH) that spans over a period of 150 years.

Regimental history commences with the date of raising of a unit. The name of its founder, its designation, class composition and the place where it was raised are mentioned. It is a record, in chronological order, of unit active service and peace time activities. Names of officers and JCOs posted from time to time are also included. Peace time achievements, particularly in the fields of sports, training, firing competitions and administration are also mentioned. Celebration of reunions, visits of high ranking personalities, presentation of colours, recipients of honours and awards also form part of regimental history. Photographs of various commanding officers, heroes of battles and outstanding sportsmen are prominently displayed. Acts of valour, courageous events, display of esprit de corps, long meritorious services of two/three generations with unit are proudly mentioned. Services rendered in aid of civil power to fight national calamities (flood relief, anti-locust, anti wild boar, anti dacoits/miscreants) and operation against terrorists are all part of regimental history....more

An objective rebuttal to a subjective inquiry into Islams
Columnist Brig (Retd) AFTAB AHMAD KHAN confutes a malicious anti-Islam campaign.

The Islamophobes are making extensive use of electronic and print media especially the cyber space to unleash steams of propaganda based on half truths, creating more confusion by misrepresenting Islam also being done by the terrorists. These Islamophobes engage in “mental reservation” when they mention half-truths about Islam. Their methodology is to mix half-truths with outright lies. Effort has been made in this series of articles to provide brief response to allegations leveled against Islam. This work should serve as springboard for objective study and understanding of Islam. All the Muslims, and non Muslims, are urged to read and understand, Qur’an, without any prejudice and preconceived ideas; they will not only benefit themselves but can also help others in understanding Islam. This article covers rebuttal to next 11 common objections [12-22] on Islam....more

Two Startling Events of History
Columnist M A GILLANI writes about a glorious chapter in the annals of Islamic military history.

We find many events in history that can be described as curious, tragic, amusing an at times, startling. In this article I will focus upon such events about which, perhaps, some of us may not be aware of. The two occurrences are appended below.

Where is Christopher Columbus buried?
According to many historians Christopher Columbus was born in GENOA (ITALY) in 1451. His father was a wool weaver but from his childhood Christopher Columbus loved the sea and undertook some voyages under his seniors. These small voyages inculcated in him the ambition to venture on longer voyages for attaining fame as well as prosperity....more



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