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Contents - October 2003

Shamsi Air Base
Contributing Editor Air Marshal (Retd) AYAZ AHMED KHAN

The disused Bhandari airstrip 200 miles south of Quetta in Balochistan was gifted to Shiekh Zahid Al-Nahyan the ruler of Abu Dhabi by the government of Pakistan in the 1990's. The airstrip called Shamsi was developed by Emirates Shieks into a jet capable airfield, and was used for falcon hunting of rare Bustards in Balochistan. It was leased out to US Central Intelligence Agency in 2001 by UAE with President Musharraf's approval, and was developed by the United States Air Force as a military air base in great secrecy for bombing of Afghanistan..........more

Turkey A Role Model!
Air Cdre (Retd) KHALID IQBAL

Within less than a decade Turkey has really turned around in almost all strategic aspects. In 2002, it suffered from almost all the ills that Pakistan is facing today. A sinking economy, political instability, 'junta' dominated civil-military equation and polarized society were the hall-marks of Turkey. It prided itself with secular ideals and shunned its Muslim identity. Getting the membership of European Union was a matter of life and death. ....more

Are Pakistan's
Nuclear Weapons Safe


Safe from Whom?
Given the impunity with which Pakistan's civil and military installations have been repeatedly targeted by the fanatic militants, legitimate apprehensions both in-country and abroad are being raised about the security of its nuclear assets. 'Is their safety as fool proof as is being claimed,' is a valid concern. Any serious attempt to answer this critical question should begin by another query

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