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Contents - October 2003


India’s mixed vibes
towards Pakistan and China

Air Cdre (Retd) KHALID IQBAL

During recent days there have been mixed vibes from India with regard to its relations with China and Pakistan. Prime Minster Narendra Modi had promised to be tough with these two countries during his electoral campaign. However, due to prudent India policies of China and Pakistan, carrying forth of his electoral promise is not an easy proposition for Modi. Nevertheless, there are potent fault lines which come handy to keep the Modi’s comic-prudent mix foreign policy circus functional to appease the hardliner followers..............................more

The American MOAB
vs. Russian FOAB

During the Cold War, the fundamental objective of the US foreign policy was based on the Truman Doctrine which was to contain communism. This kept the US military strategy and foreign policy purely focused on Soviet military strategy and her foreign policy. The post Cold War era is totally different than the Cold War period. In the post Cold War era, the US is not only confronting with its sole competitor but with a larger faction of anti-Americanism, this faction of anti-Americanism has brought the global forces together who have been victims of US military, intelligence, economic and political interventions. .........................more

Managing Afghanistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan are close neighbors with predominant Muslim population along with joint historic cultural linkages; however, relations between these two predominant Islamic countries were never pleasant since day one when British sub-continent was dived into two independent states, India and Pakistan. Analyzing demographically, southern and eastern Afghanistan is predominately Pashto-speaking, like the adjacent Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, and northern Balochistan regions in Pakistan.......................more

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