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Group Captain SULTAN M HALI continues his exhaustive

study of principles and pratices of 1000 years ago,

still current in the present era

Chankya a.k.a. Kautilya have been introduced in the previous article Chanakya and the Taxila Traditions of Defence Management carried by Defence Journal' of March, 1998.

Treatise of Wealth or Arthashastra of Chanakya, the famous treatise on state craft composed some twenty-three hundred years ago was also dealt with in detail in the above- mentioned article.

It may be recalled that Chanakya provides detailed guidance on state craft by integrating the discussions on State Policy, Civil Administration, Financial Resources and their management, and the art of war in a highly systematic manner. Chanakya presaged the concept of the use of the weapons of diplomacy and force with a strong preference for the former in all its forms so as to make state administration essentially a work of art requiring the utmost deceit and guile.

Of the numerous crafty lessons taught by Chanakya, one of more prominent ones to achieve one's end is the principle of:-

* Sam
* Kam
* Dand
* Bheet

Sam, the primary principle, implies the use of rationalization but if this technique does not work then the second implement is Kam i.e. bribery. If this does not produce the desired result, then the tertiary principle is Dand or the vehement use of violence. If all three fail then the last machination is Bheet or sowing seeds of dissension and discord.

This last stratagem has been explained in great detail by Chanakya, who attributes prevarication, falsification, fraud, deception, hypocrisy and propaganda to be time-tested devices to ensure total success. Indian's late Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, after the successful dismemberment of Pakistan, in 1971, in her moment of glory, boasted that she is an ardent follower of Chanakya and follows the Arthashastra in letter and spirit. Her reputed father Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru was known to consider the Arthashastra as his bible and Chanakya his mentor. Even Rajiv Gandhi, on numerous occasions had referred to the Arthashastra, stating that the Hindus have a guiding principle and philosophy of life, which if followed diligently, will ensure them certain success like the Jews.

Indian's 50-year old history clearly illustrates the insidious use of the above mentioned principles of Sam, Kam, Dand and Bheet to outwit its ethnic minorities and ward off every crisis. Sometimes it entrapped them in the web of Sam i.e. Mother India, Indianism, Yakta and Greater Bharat. At other junctures it enamored them with Kam and offered minor bribes and minority leaders including those of Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Harijans (untouchables) were given higher appointments or job-quotas and even more tangible endowments.

Next came the use of Dand and sometimes they were fined and sometimes unbridled and vehement force and violence was unleashed over them through Hindu militant groups like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, BJP and Shiv Sena. Muslims were exposed to vicious and demoniac use of terror and brute force through its militants as well as its paramilitary militia. Later, shedding crocodile tears, a couple of ministers were made to resign and so- called inquiry commission was installed to hoodwink the world.

The sly use of the fourth ruse of Bheet is currently being applied. The employment of deception and guile through false propaganda has been so cunningly used that even the wisest observers have been duped by this drama. A careful student of military history can easily observe that India has used all four techniques to its advantage. Take the example of Sikhs, how they were perfidiously manipulated to carry out genocide of Muslims at the time of India's partition in 1947 and later when some Sikh leaders discovered that they were victims of an abject plot and were being used to serve the ends of Hindus, they were silenced by the offer of two ministries. Simultaneously, contingency plans for the use of Dand were being hatched and the operation Blue Star in the Shape of the heinous attack on the holiest of Sikh shrines, the Golden Temple followed. Since that day. Sikhs were alternately being subjected to selective use of Dand and Bheet. Seeds of dissension and discord were being sown amongst various groups to weaken their movement while force was continued to be used.

After continuous use of unabated force against Sikhs, the Indian Government realized that brute force alone would not crush the Khalistan movement. Thus a new plot was hatched. One of the deceptions employed was the use of infiltration of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agents to form a fragment group of Sikh extortionists, who blackmail well-to-do Sikhs to pay extortion money in the name of Khalistan movement. If they pay up, the police is informed and they are arrested for abetment to conspiracy. If they refuse, they are assassinated in the name of the movement. This continued with success till the Sikhs got wiser and started exposing the RAW agents. Meanwhile, Sikh missions in USA, Canada and Britain actively began an expose of Indian atrocities against its minorities. Hindus fought back by resorting to the Chanakyan principles again. Employing their wiliest machinations, they not only created difficulties for Sikhs in UK, they cajoled the British Government to sign an extradition treaty with them. When the British Prime Minister visited India on 25 January, 1993, displaying the best examples of Chanakyan Principles, Hindus staged a well orchestrated drama. The Commissioner of Indian Police at Delhi was made to appear on Door Darshan (Indian TV) and declare that on 24 January, four Sikh terrorists have been arrested. They belong to the Khalistan Commando Force Panjaur and have been trained in Pakistan and have brought the latest weapons in terrorism from Pakistan. Their task was to assassinate the visiting VIPs and create chaos and disorder. The visiting British Prime Minister was communicated the same and he was so concerned at the Sikhs' callousness and lack of compassion that he wasted no time in ratifying the extradition treaty. This brought an end to the safe haven enjoyed by the Kashmiris and Sikhs in Britain. To the USA, Hindus successfully canvassed the plea of terrorism by Pakistan and its interference in Kashmir and Punjab. This has successfully taken the focus from the gross atrocities being committed by Hindus in Indian held Kashmir.

The tale of Kashmir is much more macabre and gory. Volumes can be filled with how the Kashmiri leaders were initially snared in the webs of Sam and Kam and are now victims of Dand. So ferocious is the fury and so vicious the violence let loose on the Muslim of Kashmir that even Changez and Hulaku Khans would be turning in their graves. It is only the steadfastness of the Muslims, the tenacity of their faith and immensity of their cause that they have not succumbed.

The December 6th, 1992 desecration and destruction of the Babri Mosque and the barbaric terror unleashed on the Muslim of India followed by the January 4th 1993, writ petition in the Indian Supreme Court to ban the Holy Quran in India on the plea that it exhorts Muslims to wreak havoc on non-Muslims by propagating Jihad' are all moves to subjugate the Muslims. Under the same sinister logic, it will not be surprising if Hindus lay claim on the Khana-e-Kaba stating that it once housed idols of worship.

The Arthashastra gives us valuable clues to their political aspirations. We see that the Indians have in a typical Chanakyan manner, canonized their Kautilya. The Diplomatic Enclave of their capital city is named Chanakyapuri. The Basic ingredients of their weapons of diplomacy to achieve the goal of Vishal Bharata (Greater Indian) have been unabashedly borrowed from Kautilya's Arthashastra. It makes it imperative for us Muslims to acquaint ourselves with these Hindu weapons of diplomacy.