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CILAS - Laser Rangefinders and Target Designators

From the INTERNET DJ takes out details about CILAS-range finders and target designators

CILAS, Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers, is a developer and manufacturer of lasers for Naval, Airborne and Land Defence optronic systems and equipment. CILAS' latest development consists of eye-safe technology ("RAMAN" 1.54 Ám) for laser rangefinders


  • 1.54 Ám eye-safe laser rangefinders: Modular systems, High and medium repetition rates, Suitable for all weapon systems, Mass production stage.
  • Laser rangefinders.
  • Target laser designators.
  • Optical helideck landing aid system.
  • Laser guidance devices.
  • Visible and infra-red special optics.
  • Sniper detectors.

SLD 400

The SLD 400 is designed to detect and locate any kind of optical or optronic hostile sight on the battlefield or sensitive zones.


  • Fitted on a tripod or an observation turret, the SLD achieves the following missions:
  • stand-by detection of pointed optics, often associated with an immediate threat,
  • active scanning and monitoring of specific areas,
  • defeating and deterring of snipers.

The SLD 400 drastically improves the permanent control of the battlefield. For the Armed Forces the SLD 400 detects MBT and AFV sights. The SLD 400 also brings a significant shooting accuracy improvement during the operation carried out by the Special units. Increased V.I.P.'s protection : detection and neutralisation of an aggressor equipped with a high accuracy telescope is the permanent commitment of the Security Services.

The SLD 400 consists of: an optical head with a laser transmitter and a high-tech receiver; an electronic assembly including the command and control unit as well as the video monitor of the observed zone; and a power supply with rechargeable or disposable batteries. The SLD 400 can be coupled with other detectors and surveillance system (Infrared, Thermal Imaging Camera, acoustic detector, etc.).

DHY 307

The DHY 307 is a ground-based laser target designator which is part of CILAS' TIM (Modular Illuminator Rangefinder) family of target markers and rangefinders. It is designed to be used by small units on the ground and provides precision guidance of a laser homing missile, bomb or shell on a tactical target. It is designed to be compatible with all laser-guided weapons conforming with STANAG Ní 3733 NATO standard. DHY 307 consists of the following modules:

  • An illuminator box consisting of modules shared by all the rangefinders /illuminators of CILAS' TIM family and incorporating sighting, laser emission, user interfaces.
  • A control box connected to the illuminator by a short cable and used for selecting an illumination code among the pre-recorded codes, controlling the various operating modes, initialising, triggering the Built-in Test Equipment (BITE), controlling thermal safety inhibition, checking the battery charge, triggering firing without the risk of aim-off.
  • An independent power supply guaranteeing an operating duration compatible with operational needs (battery or network on board a vehicle).
  • A tripod with an optical angulation head supplying the target elevation and azimuth.
  • The various interconnection cables with the illuminator box, the control box and the independent power supply.

Missions in the field take place in three stages :

  • Target identification and aiming of the designator, followed by selection of one of the pre-programmed codes.
  • Co-ordination with the laser-guided weapon launcher to trigger the illumination operation.
  • Illumination of the target through to impact


This equipment has been operationally tested and validated by the French Army and Air Force and is in series production. French and foreign forces are now equipped with DHY 307. Interface with artillery computer and GPS will be available in 1997.