Demographic and Ethnic Democide in Indian Held Kashmir

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Columnist Lt Col (Retd) ZAMAN MALIK writes about the INDIAN atrocities in occupied Kashmir

The occupied Kashmir comprises three principal regions: Kashmir valley, Jammu and Ladakh.

KASHMIR VALLEY. It is 95 per cent Muslim. Many rich Indian Hindus acquired immovable property on long lease, as a local law. These Indians have been driven out from the valley, by the freedom fighters. The Indians had purchased most of the property in Srinagar.

JAMMU REGION. Consisting of Six districts, is not in its entirety, a Hindu majority area, as three of its districts on the right side of Chenab, have a Muslim majority and constitute a distinct geographic entity. Linguistically and culturally, they are largely an extension and, in population, a spill-over of the Kashmir valley, separated only by the Banihal mountain range. Three out of its six districts, namely, Doda, Rajouri and Poonch have a Muslim majority of 60-65%. The total area of the three Hindu majority districts, namely Jammu, Kathua and Udhumpur is 10,298 sq KM, whereas the area of Muslim districts is 15,995 sq Km. i.e 50% more. In fact, Doda district alone is more than 11.691 sq Km. more than the three Hindu majority districts, combined. Indian Census reports have been showing a vast decrease in the population rate, decade after decade, to lower the population statistics, for obvious reasons. But the piece of convincing evidence is the Indian consensus reports about Kashmir, which are: Udumpur, a Hindu majority district only, 4550 Km in area and less than half of Doda, has a density of only 36, about 1/3rd of Udhumpur. Likewise, Kathua, a Hindu district has almost the same area as Muslim majority, the former 2651 and 2630; and yet, though both are equally a mix of plain and hilly areas, the former has population density of 139 while the latter has 115. These are proven examples of under enumeration of Muslims and over enumeration of non-Muslims. Only 2 lakh Punjabi Hindus and some Sikhs had gone to three Hindu districts, in 1947. Large scale exodus of Muslims after horrific massacre compelled the Muslims to take refuge in Pakistan.

LADAKH. Ladakh is not predominantly Buddhist, not even Buddhishad majority but a Muslim majority area. India by deliberate demographic dishonesty coupled by planned and persistent propaganda, touted it as a Buddhist majority region. It lies sprawled over 96,000 sq km, bigger than NWFP. Ladakh comprises two districts: Leh and Kargil. Kargil has 84% Muslim majority. In Leh, India through concoction has shown more non-Muslims/Buddhists. In 1941, in Leh Tehsil there were only 38,000 Buddhists, with a very slight edge over Muslims. According to 1981 the Indian census compiled by Mr. Padaamanbha I.A.S., series 8 Part 11-A, p. 77, the population of Leh has increased to 68,380, i.e. by 80% that of Kargil has increased to only 65,992 i.e. an increase of only 28%.

Now these figures are not acceptable for very interesting and revealing reasons for the whole world. Firstly, Buddhists in Ladakh region practice polyandry which means that a woman has as many husbands as brothers in the house. Muslims, on the other hand, practice polygamy, namely having four wives at a time; and in the case of those belonging to Shia sect, (and they constitute majority of the Muslims), 'Muta' is also practised, 'Muta' being valid contract of marriage for any fixed/specified duration, as short as possible and as long as possible. thus a Muslim male can theoretically father 270 children, if not more, in 270 days, the normal period of gestation of a human child, whereas 2 or any number of Bhuddhist brothers can father only one child in 270 days. Secondly, Leh where they are stated to be more, is a barren, unproductive and ice-cold wasteland, an extension of Tibetan plateau, everywhere 11,000 or more in altitude, several degrees below freezing point most of the year. Kargil is not higher than 7-8 thousand feet and very productive. Muslims belong to the race of Turtuk, Tyakashi and Chulunkha are very prolific race, who were surrendered to occupied area, in 1971, during demarcation of Line of Control. Fourthly, why district wise census report not given in 1947. District census wise, Buddhists, as well as the tehsil of Gurdaspur had belonged to Pakistan. In Ladakh there are no non-Muslims except Buddhists. the CM, Dr. Farooq Abdullah too howled against the bogus census in 1984.

Democide to eliminate the Muslim majority even from the Kashmir valley, where they are more than 95 percent continues unabated for the last over 52 years, particularly after the freedom struggle as a result of brazen rigged elections in Indian held area, in 1987. Genocide is at full swing.

India will never be able to suppress the voice of justice. The selective justice introduced by the Zionism, through Edwina Mountbatton in India, is likely to unite anti-Muslim forces, from Kosovo to Kashmir.

CONCLUSION. One appreciates better, be it a film, a drama, a story, Holy scripture or poetry, if one could fathom, atleast to a certain extent, the inspiration/motivation becoming cause of the origin of it. This article grew out of personal alarm, at the needless and continuing loss of life, through democide, out of deep concern for future freedom in the world, out of an understanding that beginning in 1945, the democratic world assumed a major responsibility for that future and out of an unsettling feeling today that the world as a whole could lose most of the last half century's gains if the democratic rights are not restored to the people struggling for freedom to live a life of their own, through the only hope - a compatible and competent UNO. Unfortunately, today's UNO is just a mere formality - a rubber stamp, of the sole super power. In the world of nuclear terrorism, it would be an unforgivable sin if the UNO is not democratised and strengthened to avert the tragedy far too unimaginable that it had to face in consequence to the obliteration of the LEAGUE OF NATIONS! Can NEW World Order, Nuclear Terrorism, ethnic cleaning and democide go hand in hand, reflecting impression that the impossibility has reconciled for mutual co-existence? From Kosovonia, Albania, Bosnia to Kashmir, democide has overtaken the civility and sanity. Holocaust therefore seems to be the end. What is Democide? 'The killing of defenceless civilians at vast scale under government authority, is called Democide'. (translation publishers New Bruns Wick, NJ and London. Rummel Comprehensively Defines Democide, 36 ff). The Nixon Doctrine, formed after Vietnam war would be torn into pieces. The Satan who has gained control of the Globe, to a great extent, would either destroy the planet or promulgate its own kind of NWO. Third option does not seem to exist. The phenomenon occurs after every Decade, and deserves proper attention.