Core Negativity

Columnist AKBAR MOIZ analyses the basic thrust of India in their search for solving problems

It did not take long for Indians to declare once again, their core negativity in context to their immediate neighbours and the people of Kashmir on whom they have imposed their rule by way of force. This negativity embodies not only their minds but has now taken over their entire decision making criteria. This gist which has now started to gain its ultimate heinous face which has been lying dormant but not dead in the entire Indian political and representative social system since the day Pakistan came into being.

The incidents that unfolded in April and May, 1999 took the Indians by surprise and realistically appraised them about the potential obtained by a nation that has yet to free itself from their unjust annexation as well as about the dedication that Pakistani leadership has towards the Kashmiri cause. These very widely unforeseen occurrences from the IndianÕs point of view have forced them to wake up from their sweet sleep of naivity that had knocked them out to the extent that they had started dreaming of themselves as the bearers of unparalleled privileges and had virtually empowered them so, that they thought that they can go to any length to impose their self-centered conclusions on the people of Kashmir and on their immediate neighbours.

The seriousness of the chronic inferiority complex that rests within the minds of the Indian leadership can be evaluated by the fact that it took them two separate occasions to prove to the world that their nuclear capability emerged as the worldÕs first twice declared nuclear powers, while under normal circumstances, I presume, to carry out a set of tests once is more than enough. If chronic inferiority complex is not their problem then certainly this is a case of severe mental disorder at a terminal stage.

In 1991, India and Pakistan signed an agreement banning military flights within six miles (10 kms) of the border without advance notification of the other side. In April, ‘99 India violated this agreement under hostile circumstances in a sector which was marred by war with inclination to attack Pakistani posts near the Line of Control and had to face disastrous consequences thereof. From that day onwards, Indian leadership both political and military, categorically decided that vengeance was due and that Pakistan had to pay for the loss one way or the other inspite of the fact that Pakistan stood by its role as a civilized and decent nation and granted amnesty to the Indian Air Force fighter pilot, Fl. Lt. Nachiketa at the earliest possible opportunity.

It was either the core negativity at work or their chronic inferiority complex or the terminal mental disorder supplemented by the political hysteria faced by the caretaker Indian government that invoked them to shoot down an unarmed Pakistan Navy Dassault Atlantique Maritime Patrol Aircraft that was on a routine training mission over Badin, Province of Sindh, flying at 7000 feet from northeast to southwest, about 300 kms northeast of Karachi on August 10, 1999. The aircraftÕs last communication with the control tower being at 1055 hours, the estimated time of attack is 1100 hours (Pakistan Standard Time). The wreckage was found 120 miles southeast of Karachi, well within Pakistani territory.

The preposterous allegation by a victim of any one of the three illnesses mentioned above, Mr. George Fernandez, Indian Defence Minister was that the Pakistan Navy aircraft, Atlantique first fired on the Indian fighters and it was only then that their fighters had no alternative but to shoot the aircraft down. It is a published fact that Atlantique does not have the ability to engage in aerial combat, it is a patrol aircraft with no combat and high speed maneuver capabilities. Mr. George Fernandez was way out of line to even think of such stupidity. If Pakistan would have planned to enter Indian airspace, a subsonic jet would have been the ideal choice that would have had adequate muscle to defend itself if faced by a threat from the Indian side and the required speed to atleast get away if faced by Indian interception. I think that only Indians would use a bi-turbo-prop aircraft with maximum air speed of 400 mph without the competent fire power to enter the airspace of a country with which they are not at very good terms at all. Another allegation of a spokesman of the Indian Foreign Ministry was that Pakistan had sent in the Atlantique flight in to spy on them by reading the Indian radar signature in that sector. It would have been to the advantage of Pakistanis to fly a spying mission at night, specially of the sort mentioned by the Indian Foreign Ministry instead of in day light which would substantially increase the threat to the mission.

Another allegation received from the Ambassador of India to United States via CNN on August 11, 1999 was that the Pakistan Navy flight was carrying Pakistani infiltrators into Indian territory. Again this type of operation would be very well off if carried out at night instead of in daylight. Another informative fact for the knowledge and for enhancement of strategic planning capabilities of the learned Ambassador that I feel is worth submitting is that Atlantique is a very expensive piece of sophisticated equipment that is also very exorbitant to operate and maintain. To use such highly inadequate and extremely costly option for discharging a high risk objective such as paratrooping infiltrators inside alien airspace may have been feasible for the self-seeking war raged leadership of India that has lost its constitutional right to rule due to its failure to perform its duties but certainly not for the obligated and temperate Pakistani leadership that finalizes its conclusions in the light of responsibilities that it bears with regard to its people and country.

The Indians are so desperately in search of a cover to hide their spineless and vicious act that they are not letting any chance of clarification go from their hands. But no matter how much clarification is submitted from their side, this deed of theirs has rendered any chances of reconciliation among the two countries way off course. Their patent practice of going back on their words has time and again illustrated their inner convictions of trying to prove themselves as the regional decision makers.

An ideal step taken by Pakistan Government in retaliation of the downing of the Atlantique was that it has reserved its rights for proper actions that shall be taken at appropriate time and place. This was an intelligent decision taken by people thinking rationally as they have sense of accountability towards their people and their country, unlike those who consider themselves as warlords living in bygone ages and who are very capable of doing whatever comes to tune with their sick minds.